Asset Based Lending

Asset Based Lending is an effective funding solution for businesses that are seeking to fully utilise the potential value of their assets. Integrated with Invoice Finance, Asset Based Lending gives mid to large size SMEs access to additional liquidity in order to manage working capital and pursue new growth opportunities.

Capitalflow Commercial Finance offers both revolving and amortising financing structures which are secured against an wide range of business assets including invoices, stock, property, plant and machinery. Our comprehensive asset based lending solutions are ideally suited to businesses experiencing event driven change. We specialise in providing competitive, tailored and flexible financial solutions which enables our experienced team to compete with pillar banks and other large financial institutions.
How Does Asset Based Lending Help My Business

1.    Improving Liquidity – Asset based Lending allows businesses to raise increased levels funding in addition to Invoice Finance which can be utilised in periods of seasonality and cash flow volatility.

2.    Financing Growth – Asset Base Lending is an ideal option for businesses looking to finance growth in a number of scenarios including MBOs, MBIs, mergers and acquisitions and business restructures.

How Does Asset Based Lending work

At the core of the Asset Based financing facility is Invoice Discounting, which provides you with an immediate injection of cash and on-going working capital to create headroom for the business. Specific loan to values are also attributed to stock, property, plant and machinery to create a total funding programme. Advanced funds are based on an agreed percentage of the secured assets' value which will be assessed on an individual transaction basis.With asset based finance, additional cash flow funding is available for those businesses with stronger EBITDA generation.

Who is suitable

•    SME’s with strong historic and projected cash flow generation.
•    Businesses who have robust balance sheets incorporating a mixture of tangible assets.

Key Features and Benefits

1.    Allows you to maximise your level of finance by unlocking the value of all of our available assets.
2.    A bespoke funding solution tailored to meets the needs of your business.
3.    Funding which enables you to exploit growth opportunities.
4.    Provides contingency funding allowing you to manage seasonality in your working capital cycle.