Invoice finance

Capitalflow Commercial Finance specialises in providing competitive, tailored and flexible financial solutions to integrate with your business investment. Our Invoice Finance Team consists of experienced decision-makers, who look beyond the numbers to the people and their business. We believe this approach makes all the difference to us structuring the most appropriate funding solution for you. Located across Ireland, our team will focus on developing our customer relationships, so we become an integral part of your business.

What is Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance is a flexible funding solution enables a business to raise working capital by converting trade debts into cash.

Invoice discounting is an invoice finance solution which enables businesses to retain control over their sales ledger and maintain strong customer relationships whilst accelerating cash flows by up to 150 days. Capitalflow Commercial Finance can make available up to 90% of the value of outstanding invoices.

How does Invoice Finance Help my Business?

Improving cash flow – Managing working capital is a significant challenge which many businesses face. Invoice Finance can effectively bridge the gap between sales and collecting payment, therefore enabling a business to receive funds within 24 hours of raising invoices to their customers.

Financing Growth – Invoice Finance can help facilitate organic and acquisition growth by enabling a company to receive an immediate injection of cash from a good quality debtors’ ledger.

How does Invoice Finance work.

Step 1 –
You raise an invoice with your customer and send a copy to Capitalflow Commercial Finance.
Step 2 –
You receive funding up to 90% of the invoice value within 24 hours.
Step 3 –
You liaise with your customer regarding payment of the invoice within the due date.
Step 4 –
Capitalflow Commercial Finance pays you the remaining value of the invoice less our agreed fees.


Key Features and Benefits.

    • Invoice FinanceInstant access to funds which are tied up in outstanding customer invoices.
    • A flexible working capital facility which grows in line with your sales.
    • A confidential line of financing in which you maintain your customer relationships by continuing to manage your credit control function.
    • Access to information on customer ratings.
    • Allows your business to promptly pay suppliers therefore providing potential access to supplier.

    • Why Choose us.

You and your company's credit rating begins here with us today. If you have the vision and the business plan to back it up we will work with you to help find constructive and deliverable solutions to match your commercial funding requirements.

  • Capitalflow Bullet PointExperienced team of professionals.
  • Capitalflow Bullet PointFlexible approach to structuring funding solutions to benefit your business.
  • Capitalflow Bullet PointFast response in delivering credit decisions due to local sanctioning authority.
  • Capitalflow Bullet PointRelationship driven approach to customer management which enables us to know and understand your businesses ongoing funding requirements.