Our tailored leasing of equipment and vehicles gives your business use of a specific asset over a fixed term, usually between 12 to 84 months. This type of financial package gives you immediate use of the latest technologies within your industry without tying up large sums of capital.

LeasingBenefits of Leasing include:

Capitalflow Bullet PointLeasing allows you to acquire assets while maintaining your cash flow and low initial outlay.
Capitalflow Bullet PointRental Payments will be for fixed amount over a fixed term.
Capitalflow Bullet PointVAT is reclaimed on the rental amounts over the period of the Lease agreement, once the Leasee is registered for VAT.
Capitalflow Bullet PointTax relief on rentals.
Capitalflow Bullet PointAt the end of the agreement you can opt to extend the term of the lease by continuing into a Secondary Rental Period.
Capitalflow Bullet PointPayment schedules can be tailored to meet your individual circumstances.
Capitalflow Bullet PointCustomer can preserve other lines of credit.