With energy costs at an all-time high, and inflation continuing to rise, there has never been a more opportune time to invest in the energy efficiency of your business. Solar Panels are just one example of how Irish Businesses can save on spiralling energy costs and increase their sustainability.

Here are 5 benefits that solar panels can bring to Irish Businesses

1. Reduction in electricity overheads (plus the opportunity to generate free electricity)

Irish businesses can get around 30% of their electricity needs from solar panels which can mean savings as high as 35-40% on bills. Solar also protects you from rising electricity prices. This is especially important as carbon taxes increase. These savings typically translate into a return on investment of 10-15% per year. However, returns can be as high 25% if you qualify for a grant. 

2. Helping the environment and reducing your carbon footprint while complementing your brand image

According to research, companies with high sustainability ratings consistently outperform the market in both the medium and long term. While sustainability strategies might be an investment in the short term, there no doubt that they reap benefits to your brand in the longer term.

3. Fast, convenient installation and maintenance free

Once you make the decision to get the solar panels, and find your installer, the installation process for a commercial solar panel system, by most solar panel companies, typically takes less than one week, and most of the work can be done from outside, making disturbance to your business minimal.

4. Planning exemptions for commercial solar panels

For commercial and light industrial premises, the current exemption is for up to 50 m2 of panels. 50 m2  is enough exemption to generate around €3,500 worth of electricity per year. For industrial buildings there’s no area limit. And, even better, the government has just announced they are to remove planning permissions altogether for businesses.

The only proposed restrictions apply to properties in 43 ‘solar safeguarding zones’ around the country where glint and glare from panels might pose a risk to aircraft.

Ten 5km zones have been designated around airports and aerodromes while 3km zones have been designated in 33 locations around helipads and emergency and military facilities.

These new rules removing the need for planning permission, could be signed as early as next week!

5. Solar panel grants Ireland 2022

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Irelands a number of solar panel grants for Irish Business looking to invest in solar panels for their businesses.

  • Better Energy Communities (BEC) scheme. With the BEC, you partner with other organisations in your local area to receive a grant of 30%.
  • EXCEED grant is an option for larger companies which provides a grant rate of 30%.
  • Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) is claimable on solar panel investments. ACA gives you 12.5% of your investment back as corporation tax savings. Alternatively, the Wear and Tear Allowance provides the same saving, but spread out over 8 years. With the ACA and a grant, your total financial incentive can be as high as 42.5%.
  • The Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland’s Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme, has been made available to Irish Businesses and farmers to finance any items, including business solar panels, that will increase energy efficiency and in turn lower operational costs. This lower cost finance has been makes loans of between €10k to €150k available, at lower rates rates, in 1-10 year terms. By investing now, helped by the Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme, businesses can help the environment and reduce their costs in the medium to long term

We provide vendor solar panel finance for suppliers of solar panels to provide to their customers, and to businesses looking to decrease their energy costs. 

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