This month’s Irish Broker magazine looks at Capitalflow’s exciting plans for 2019 and how they are invigorating Irish finance by bringing the personal touch back into banking again.
According to Ronan Horgan, CEO; “The brokers that work with us see us as a trusted partner that is working in the best interest of their clients. Capitalflow is winning over business customers because we have a personalised, common-sense approach to lending and we offer a speed of service in loan approval that is unrivalled in the Irish market. Our customers decide to partner with us because we are able to make smart decisions quickly and deliver on our promises. There is nothing worse than a Slow No and we constantly aim to make decisions rapidly to allow customers to seize opportunities.”

Since Capitalflow launched it has applied for a Retail Credit Licence from the Central Bank of Ireland which will enable it to provide property loans to property investors. It has also launched a Pension term loan that is provided through Pension Trustee via Unit Trust structures.
While the number of options open to Irish SMEs have improved considerably in the past three years, Ronan sees a gap in the market as many of the Direct Lenders only offer one product and as such are what he terms “one trick ponies.’’ “To truly build a business lending proposition in Ireland you have to offer a multitude of products that Irish businesses are looking for and that is why we hope to launch a further SME products in the first half of this year.’’

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