Invoice Discounting can be a great way for SMEs to generate funds for their business. While it doesn’t suit every business, those who offer credit to their customers have the opportunity to capitalise on that debt. If you have unpaid invoices, then you can use those expectant funds to leverage a cash injection into the business and with the promise of business moving again this year the option might just prove helpful.

John Mackey is Head of Sales in Asset Based Lending for Capitalflow, with a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years in the financing, he is confident business will begin to flow again this year.

“I think there is going to be opportunities for businesses to grow and invoice discounting is the perfect facility for that,” he says. “There might be some opportunities for consolidation of businesses, mergers and acquisitions or management buyouts and invoice discounting and asset-based lending are perfect facilities to fund those types of transactions. I think that we’re going to see quite a bit of activity in that space over the next couple of years.”

“I think that’s where the advantages of invoice discounting lie, it’s a facility that can fund growth, the facility grows in line with your business,  whether that is funding generic growth or through mergers or acquisitions, invoice discounting unlocks cash flow to fund these growth opportunities”.

When it comes to applying for the facility Capitalflow offer a bespoke service, each applicant will be dealt with on a personal level as the Capitalflow team asses the individual needs of your company.

Although Capitalflow is almost at the final stages of a complete digital transformation there is still a strong emphasis on a personal service, it’s a very slick digital application process but with a continued relationship focused approach to managing facilities.

Through the traditional banking service, the application process can often be rather round peg square hole, unless you are meeting their exact criteria you are not getting in. Capitalflow has a much more flexible option with their invoice financing facility as Mackey explains.

“We tend to go out and try to understand the business, understand what their needs are, understand how they work, and actually structure the facility that works best for the business rather than business trying to adapt to the bank’s facility,” he explains. “We adapt our facility to match the customer requirements.”

“Some businesses have a seasonal aspect to their business and their debtors ledger grows at different times of the year and it’s just about being flexible to adapt their business,” he says.   

Capitalflow Customer, Maria McCormack, GM of Weststart echoes Mackey’s sentiments “We felt comfortable from the outset with Capitalflow. We never felt scared moving across the way I have felt with other products We always felt we were in safe hands and being looked after. I can’t speak highly enough about the IT system, Dancerace. I love it. And the support is brilliant. Best move we ever made, honestly. It’s just made life so easy.”

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