At Capitalflow we support businesses that take us closer to a clean and sustainable environment, supporting them to create solutions that have a positive environmental impact – Glenmore Farming Group is just one example of this. One of Europe’s largest organic farms, Glenmore is a family owned and operated farming, forestry and renewable energy business with its eye on the future, and creating a lasting environmental impact for future generations.

The farm, which is situated at Speenoge, Burt, Co Donegal, less than 20 minutes from Letterkenny, is around 2,400 acres property of mainly land reclaimed from Lough Swilly. This makes it particularly fertile and suitable for all types of farming.

It includes 1,290 acres of organically farmed land and grows a range of crops such as cereals, red clover and root crops. There is also an extensive range of farm buildings which have overwintering accommodation for 400 head of cattle.

For the past 10 years, the farm has been producing over 3,000 tonnes of organic produce a year including milk, vegetables and cereals.

In addition to their growing horse stud, specialist sheep farming and extensive beef and dairy farming – all owned and run by the McElhinney family, Glenmore also runs renewable and Biogas enterprises.

These Biogas Plants use organic waste to produce renewable power, fuel, biofertilizer and CO2, by producing biogas in anaerobic digesters by recycling plant and animal waste. As the waste breaks down it creates biogas which can be collected and used to generate electricity.
Biogas differs from natural gas in that it is a renewable energy source produced biologically through anaerobic digestion rather than a fossil fuel produced by geological processes. The Anaerobic Digestion process also produces Biofertiliser which can be used as an alternative to chemical fertilizers in farming and land regeneration.

In addition, Glenmore also runs a Hydro Plant where turbines and generators convert energy into electricity which is then fed into the electrical grild for use in homes, businesses and industry.

Committed to developing and innovating sustainability in agriculture, Glenmore Farming Group have embraced renewable and viable practices that support farming in Ireland and Capitalfow are delighted to support this concept and play a key role in helping make it possible. We have seen significant demand recently where businesses across all sectors are looking towards more sustainable options and these projects really grab our attention.

Karol McElhinney, Glenmore Farming Group, said:

“With the support of Capitalflow, we are going from strength to strength, and continue to expand our operations. The team understand our business, our way of life and they are committed to backing us, they know that our family run farm is more than a business to us. We have a great relationship and we hope it continues for many years to come.”

Ronan Kelly, Asset Finance Managing Director at Capitalflow, said:

“Capitalfow are delighted to be able to support Glenmore Farming Group as they continue to revolutionise farming through sustainable methods. We look forward to helping Glenmore grow even further and are excited to see what practices they adopt down the line.”