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Maria McCormack, GM Weststart, Invoice Discounting Customer

Receiving testimonials from our customers are twofold: Firstly, it reassures us as a business, we’re doings things right by our customers. Secondly, it places trust in our brand and shows how we can be of benefit to SMEs in real life examples.

When this well-established business needed finance, GM of Weststart, Maria McCormack chose Capitalflow as a solution to a problem.

Established in Westport, Co. Mayo in 2007 it soon became evident that a more central location for its main offices and depot was required.  A relocation to Athlone, Co. Westmeath in 2011 was better equipped to meet demands of orders and courier collection to supply to customers nationwide.
Being a leading supplier and distributor of starter motors and alternators, 2013 saw the expansion to Cork with a new branch opening and three years later the addition of a further depot in Dublin.

No strangers to being proactive when an opportunity presents and raising finance traditionally, the archaic systems they faced in the past was to remain in the past. “I have to say I cannot compare Capitalflow to anyone else because there is literally no comparison. Always professional but down to earth and they don’t bombard us with jargon”.
Weststart have been in business a long time, when it came to raising funds and choosing Capitalflow, our experts were more than happy to establish this new relationship. According to Maria, “I can’t speak highly enough about your system. I love it and the support is brilliant.”

An easy process to establish Weststart with Capitalflow and release funds fast so they can do what they do best.

“Best move we ever made, honestly. It’s just made life so easy. Fantastic difference on a day to day basis to the business. You were recommended to me by accountant, who I have a great relationship with, like I have with Capitalflow. Professional but warm and friendly.”

If you want to take your business to the next level, contact the Capitalflow team or phone 01-5632400

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