Banking Switch

If you do not arrange for your direct debit payments to be moved to a new finance provider, we will not be able to collect agreed finance payments which will result in missed payments, which may affect your credit rating.

You will have to email us the required information specified above, but we’d be happy to chat you through it if you need any help – just call one of our customer care team on 01-5632400 and we can take you through the process of updating your details.

You can update your details easily by completing a direct debit mandate. You can get this online by clicking here or contact us and we will send one to you.

You will need to send us the following:

  1. Direct Debit Mandate with your new bank details (IBAN, BIC)
  2. A Verification Document showing your new bank details

One of following verification documents will suffice:

  • A copy of your new bank statement (1st page is sufficient) or
  • A letter from your new bank with your new bank details or
  • A screenshot of your online banking details

You can send the two required documents to us by email at

Ulster Bank and KBC Bank are exiting the Irish Market. If you have a bank account with them, that you make monthly payments to Capitalflow from, you will not be able to continue to make those monthly payments when the account closes.

We recommend that you complete a new direct debit mandate directly with Capitalflow to ensure there is no disruption to your finance agreement, and send to us along with a verification document (see detail below)

Switching means moving your current account from your existing provider to a new provider which involves opening a new account with the new provider and closing your old account with Ulster Bank/KBC Bank. All payments in and out of your account will need to be moved to your new account.

If you switch your account from Ulster Bank or KBC Bank to another provider, your old bank can arrange for your direct debit to be moved. We also recommend that you contact us to ensure all of your new details are correct and recorded accurately in our systems.