The bus and coach industry has felt all the effects of Covid, Brexit, the Russian/Ukraine war and everything in between. Shortages of vehicle parts have impacted the manufacturing and repairs of buses and coaches as it has with all other transportation sectors and delayed things no end. Driver shortages are ongoing and fuel and energy costs are always at the fore front of the minds of bus and coach operators. With VAT unclaimable for bus maintenance, parts and fuel etc, there’s real opportunity to look at longer term savings by upgrading to electric bus and coaches. 

Dublin Bus is to add 100 double-decker battery-electric buses to its fleet starting in 2023. The 100 battery-electric buses have been ordered as part of the first phase of the National Transport Authority’s procurement process for up to 800 zero-emission buses over the next five years, and produce ZERO tail pipe emissions.

So why should you switch to electric?

  • Lower maintenance and running costs
    With the correct battery charge and usage there tends to be very little maintenance involved in the running and upkeep of electric buses. The savings over the lifetime of the vehicle could stand at a very high figure

  • Increased air quality

  • Due to the reduction of harmful emissions means better air quality in our towns and cities which could result in improved health and a decrease in respiratory illnesses
  • Noise reduction
    Our towns and cities around Ireland already lack the kind of public transport compared to our European counterparts so bus and coach transportation is hugely important especially in rural areas-maybe EVs are not quite ready for longer journeys but could certainly be adopted for short regular routes especially in the private sector.  The reduced noise pollution and more comfortable ride could transform how we view public transport
  • Playing our part
    Now more than ever, we’re conscious of the harmful effects we all play on our environment. By switching to electric options, we’re supporting and driving the goal of decarbonisation of road transport which was identified at COP26

“We switched to electric mainly to save on maintenance costs – which, with our high mileage, were coming around too quickly, especially with the older coaches. Plus customers prefer the electric buses, much cleaner and quieter”

Tour Bus Operator, Co. Dublin

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Capitalfow was delighted to support the industry in the recent CTTC Bus and Coach Show on the 19th and 20th Nov in RDS Simmonscourt