Necessity is the mother of invention and the effects of Covid on the Construction Industry over the past 18 months have certainly highlighted the need for a united voice and platform to represent the Irish Plant Contractors within the Construction Industry in Ireland  As a result of this need, the Irish Plant Contractors Association (IPCA) was formed in April 2020, to support not just the large contractors but to fight for the good of all construction , including, smaller family run businesses that have fought to stay afloat during Covid-19. Ireland is home to some of the most skilled plant contractors, machinery operators, architects, brick layers and carpenters, many of whose skills have been passed down through generations, and these livelihoods need to be protected and secured.

In support of the initiative, Capitalflow is delighted to be announced as a key sponsor to the IPCA.

According to Ronan Kelly, Managing Director of Asset Finance, Capitalflow  “We’re really excited to get on board with the IPCA and support a much needed voice in the plant contractor industry. We have worked closely with a large number of companies involved in the construction industry since our inception and we welcome the opportunity to play our part in strengthening the voice of key players across the industry and the vital role they play in creating jobs and homes for the Irish people”

Please feel free to contact a member of Capitalflow’s dedicated Team today to discuss any capital expenditure requirements for plant, machinery/ vehicles here.

Membership of the IPCA is open to contractors, sub-contractors, quarry, plant hire companies, utility contractors, rental firms and equipment owners of all shapes and sizes working within the construction sector in Ireland North & South.

To find out more contact Brian Coogan: