It was an absolute pleasure to snag 15 minutes of this busy man’s time. Meet Brian McCann! A DCU Business graduate, CIMA Management accountant and Compliance qualified, Brian has held many roles as Financial Controller within various industry sectors which ultimately led to a move into banking, and in particular, commercial banking. His love of learning is a constant and no doubt indicates why he is now Head of Compliance and Group MLRO with Capitalflow.

Known within the Capitalflow team as the longest standing employee, Brian is an integral cog within the Capitalflow engine.
Brian, can you talk a little about your role and how you came to fill the position you now hold?

“Starting with Capitalflow at the very beginning and learning every aspect of the business with a very hands-on approach, from setting up the asset-based lending division to looking after the portfolio management and operations for all products, I’ve been completely immersed in the business from day one. In terms of business lending, Capitalflow would be considered relatively new and we carry a serious responsibility in terms of governance and the mitigation of money laundering and fraud risk. This new role as Head of Compliance and MLRO plays a vital role in terms of governance structures that needed to be put in place, policies and procedures to be updated and made fit for purpose and involves interaction with regulators such as The Central Bank and The Central Credit Register etc. The Compliance function is part of the overall Risk team and as part of this team, I’m responsible for Compliance, Operational Risk and I hold the position of MLRO.”

It always interests me to hear what drives people in life but especially in their jobs. What makes the work environment in Capitalflow so appealing after all these years?

“When we started Capitalflow, I suppose we had visions of where we wanted to go. It’s a huge achievement to be exactly where we set out to be. We wanted to be a different type of employer, one who rewards our people, encourages responsibility, a no barriers open plan company in all the senses. But above all be a lender based on relationships, quick decisions and understanding our customers. We have thought a lot about “our why” as a company – why exactly we do what we do? For us, it’s always been about people working together to make a difference, and that applies to all aspects of my life – my work and my personal life, bringing people together to make a difference for the better, on whatever level that is, my work with my daughter Grace and her peers, or the GAA club where my kids play.”

So if you’re not kicking back come Friday evening, strumming your guitar, how do you enjoy any free time you may have?

In work I’m an active member of the Capitalflow ESG committee, with a particular passion for diversity and inclusion. I am really passionate about equal opportunities for all, as I have a daughter Grace with special needs, so it’s an area really close to my heart. We love helping with the local kayaking club for kids with Down Syndrome and the SWIFTS Wheelchair sports club, which is run voluntarily by parents. At the end of the day, no matter what our roles, we are people and we just want to try and come together to do something good. It’s all about coming together and making a positive impact. That’s what I want my legacy to be.”