Name: Elvina Kenny

Job Title: Tech Product Manager

Joined Capitalflow: Nov 2020

With a background steeped in finance, combined with qualifications in Digital Marketing and Computer Science, Elvina has found her calling in Capitalflow! 20 years working in the financial industry taking in roles such as Product Manager, Marketing Specialist and Business Analyst (within Strategy and Planning), it was time for Elvina to put her Tech advancements to use. Typical in our “Get to know us” series, I asked Elvina what drew her to Capitalflow and to tell a bit about her role within the company.   

So tell us about what you are working on and why you love it?

“It has to be the Agile environment we operate in and the speed in which projects are rolled out. I’ve always had a desire to work closer with the technical side of the house and my current role in Capitalflow offered me this opportunity. I really get the best of both worlds from working closely with the business, whilst managing technical projects with the development team. Projects are mainly integration focused and we operate using real agile techniques from prioritising backlogs according to business needs, our attention is on enhancing our customer’s experience. As we don’t have a physical presence our focus is on our customer and taking them seamlessly through their journey. We act fast in Capitalflow on bringing projects to fruition.” 

Sounds exciting

“Really exciting, over the past few months I worked on building an online Portal for our customers, brokers and suppliers. This Portal will really be a game changer for our customers and will enable them to apply for finance and view the status of their applications online. It’s really about getting the customer experience right and making it easy for our customers to do business with us, whilst maintaining strong relationships with them. Over the coming months we will continue to iterate on this journey adding more digital enhancements to make it easier for our customers and internally operational wise.  

And outside of work…. 

Not one to sit still for any length of time, if Elvina isn’t scaling some of Irelands highest peaks such as Lugnaquilla, she can be found expanding her culinary skills at Ballymaloe Cookery School. A self-proclaimed gym lover, Elvina is no sooner finished one college commitment when she has signed up for the next one. From Politics and Sociology to Digital Marketing right through to QFAs and Computer Science, I asked where her next education endeavour would take her?. 

“Well, in April this year I just finished my HDip in Computer Science, I’m a firm believer that everyone needs to keep learning and staying up to date as digital technology advances at such a rapid pace. My current role involves quite a bit of Agile, so I’m thinking of doing a course that will sharpen my Agile skills!”  

Quick fire:

Give up one – Hiking Boots or wooden spoon? 

“Well, while I love cooking, hands down I’d have to keep the hiking boots. You can’t compensate for being outdoors!”

Pizza Base – Deep dish or thin and crispy? 

“Has to be thin and crispy, I’m more about the toppings!”

Favourite hang out?

Organic food markets by a country mile!!

Oasis or Blur?  

“Oasis I think!”