Name: Gabhan O’Connor

Job Title: Director Technology and Information

Joined Capitalflow: September ’21

Next up, the newest kid on the block – Gabhan O’ Connor. Another lockdown recruit with mostly his Dachshund, Hugo, for company during working hours. A man of multiple degrees, from electronics and software engineering to research and mathematics. Gabhan’s previous employment has included roles within the banking sector such as Solution Architect, Credit IT Architecture and Enterprise Architect.

Gabhan, you joined Capitalflow in September this year, first impressions and what do you love so far?

“So it didn’t take me long to settle in. I literally hit the ground running, that’s how I like to work, get stuck in straight away. I’ve fully immersed myself in Capitalflow and it’s a very exciting time to join the company. Decisions get made fast! It’s a great time to be able to shape the future of the IT capabilities and build something within the company.”

Its ridiculously obvious that you’re passionate about work, I’ll let you tell me what’s in store and what gets you going in the morning.

“I suppose the culture in the company is exciting – things happen fast. The speed of change, done in the right fashion, allows us to adapt business needs where possible. The success the business has had allows us to capitalise on it. Its going to be huge to be able to deliver a platform where we can optimise CRM tasks and make them efficient to work within – making our portal a really valuable asset. I see positive changes in the next 6-8 months regarding our infrastructure and ecosystems.
I’m passionate about understanding issues in a product and building something that solves these problems, setting it up for success. I love to be busy!”

Gabhan, I imagine your hobbies are far from typical….

“I enjoy typical sports, like running and football. But I live for weekend hikes in the Wicklow mountains and taking Hugo along. Or squeezing in a game of golf with the lads, more so for the participation aspect.
I’ve a huge passion for motorbikes, I own 3 Café racers. I usually buy them when they need some attention and I repair and restore them. Myself and few friends take part in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. It’s a charity event supporting men’s health. I’m also currently restoring a Leyland Mini, hoping to get it off the blocks soon.”

I can see your future is jampacked in work, outside of work, what’s happening? Any travels or return to college plans like our previous Meet The Team members?

“College is done for a while and yes, definitely hoping to travel next year for honeymoon as I’m getting married in ’22. Fingers crossed for no more lockdowns!”

Quick fire:

Your death row meal?

“Mussels in white wine”

Marvel or DC?

“Neither, I’m more of a Lord of the Rings fan”

Favourite season?

“Has to be Autumn, can’t beat the smell of chimneys on the walk home”