Name: Leo Moore

Job Title: Software Developer

Joined Capitalflow: July 2020


A self-proclaimed “digital plumber”, Leo Moore has worked on numerous software development projects. A computer science graduate from UCD, Leo has worked with some of the biggest names in technology innovation including Fujitsu and Microsoft.
Leo joined the team in July 2020 to support the rollout of CRM projects within Capitalflow. As a numbers and stats guy, Leo is the go-to for all things analytics, data, and metrics around the office (or Teams!) 

The biggest obstacle in this episode of the Meet the Team series was trying to condense Leo’s story while covering all he does within Capitalflow. So, in his own words……

I’m sure your day-to-day varies so much, but how are the projects you’re currently working on progressing?

“I split my time between looking at external marketing and the web analytics and internal process efficiency metrics to give an overview of operations.

Everything from keeping the applications process flowing to helping analyse the property portfolio data, no two days are the same and the increasing data centric environment provide lots of opportunities to better understand the key drivers of the business.”

And outside of work…. 

A goal driven individual; Leo is always striving to achieve more. Building on his fitness levels through hiking, constant learning of new platforms and techniques with a passion for hands on development means he has zero free time, right? Wrong! 
Outside of office hours, Leo is an avid bibliophile with hundreds of fascinating books lining his walls. How he finds time to successfully coach the girls U14 Camogie teams on top of his already packed schedule is inspiring. A team player, a community giver and a promoter of girls in sport, everyone needs a Leo on their side.  “I really enjoy giving back to a community that has given us so much.”

Quick fire:

Give up one – Coaches hat or key to your library? 

I already plan to hang up my coaches hat in a couple of seasons. Thankfully, we have an excellent team of mentors, so I think I’ll be holding onto the key to my library for a while. 

IOS or Android? 

Android as it is more open and easier to develop application for the platform. 

If one superhero should be real, which one should it be?  

Deadpool, great guy to have a beer with.