Name: Páidí White

Job Title: Internal Sales Director Asset Finance

Joined Capitalflow: March 2019

After graduating from NCI (National College of Ireland) with a Business Degree, Páidí White plunged straight into employment. Taking up a role in retail banking and deciding the financial sector was one he enjoyed working in, he swiftly joined the Capitalflow team.

Let’s get to know you outside of work first.  Apparently, you enjoy a bit of sport Páidí?

“Ha ha, yes you could say that.  For the last 5 years I’ve been playing midfield for St. Sylvesters senior football team, currently in the middle of the championship. The GAA community means a lot to me and I see myself being committed to football for a long time.
I really enjoy occasional sea swims (I should probably say “dips”!) as part of recovery, I don’t see myself investing in a DryRobe just yet!
Other than that, travelling is a huge passion of mine. Right after college would probably have been the best time to go explore the world so I guess that’s still something Id love to do but holidays and short breaks away are things I’m always planning.”

And work life….

Initially Páidí started in a sales support role, processing applications, preparing documentation and administrative backend work. As he says himself, this is where he really discovered how the process works and why he is now so good at what he does. Throughout the Covid pandemic with many businesses at a halt, Páidí took on a supporting role for many clients who were unable to progress with their plans or develop their business.  So when the economy opened back up he was in a position to step in to a Sales Director role in collaboration with the Digital Team.

How have the developments in our digital capabilities affected your area of work?

“Our digital developments have kept me in a job! You’d think working remotely would make the documentation process difficult. But we’re utilising systems that make all this possible and allow our customers to continue to grow their business without delay.”

What do you enjoy about Capitalflow and your role in the team?

“Look, I’m a people person through and through.  Some might say I like the sound of my own voice, but I just love chatting to customers, getting to know them, learning about their business and really listening to their story. We lend to allow customers purchase an asset. This is people’s livelihood, it’s what puts food on the table, its great to be part of their success. The speed of turnaround and keeping things simple for our customers is what I enjoy.”

Finally, in the hopes you stay on Irish soil a little longer, what’s in the pipeline Páidí?

“I’ve recently completed my QFAs, so I’ll let the brain settle for a bit but out of personal interest I’d like to do a course on nutrition and speaking long term I’d love to do my accounting exams.”

Quick fire:

Simpsons or Family Guy?


City break or beach week?

“Beach week, I’m a total sun-worshipper”

Greatest sporting hero(ine)?

“Too many to pick just one – Stephen Cluxton, Katie Taylor, Roy Keane to name a few”