In our business to business relationships with third party companies and organisations (e.g. suppliers, broker, introducer, government agency, property landlord, etc.), we will process some personal data belonging to individuals who represent those companies and organisations in the capacity of an employee, director, shareholder or otherwise. If you fall into this category of individual where you are representing a company or organisation (“Your Organisation”), we gather your personal data from both direct and indirect sources:

  • Directly from you. Examples include when you, on behalf of Your Organisation:
    1. Interact directly with us via telephone, email, post and/or in person;
    2. Submit inquiries and information to us in relation to our relationship with Your Organisation;
  • From third parties. Examples include collection from:
    1. Publicly available information. For example, from press publications, online search engines and related results.
    2. Third parties who provide services to Your Organisation. For example, from legal advisors and authorised representatives.
    3. Third parties who provide services to us. For example, asset valuation advisors.
    4. Introducers or common business associates who may pass on your details to us;
    5. Third parties who provide services to Your Organisation (e.g. representatives, advisors, delivery drivers, etc.).