The personal data processed are limited to those necessary to establish a relationship with you and obtain your services, including:

  • IDENTITY DATA, including your first name, surname, salutation, business name (sole trader), age, date of birth, customer number, gender, photographic ID, signature and, if provided via a statement of affairs, marital status and homeowner confirmation;
  • CONTACT DATA, including your email address, business address (sole trader), personal address, billing address, telephone number(s);
  • FINANCIAL, including bank account details, tax number, financial needs, income and expenditure details, credit history, credit ratings, vehicle details (make, model, registration, chassis/serial), photo, shareholding details, details of your Capitalflow and other (non-Capitalflow) hire-purchase and lease agreements, details of your Capitalflow and other (non-Capitalflow) personal guarantee(s), insolvency/bankruptcy details;
  • STATEMENTS AND OPINIONS about you as a potential or existing customer;
  • INTERACTIONS with Capitalflow staff by way of email or letter correspondence, minutes of meetings or otherwise.