We gather your personal data from both direct and indirect sources:

  • Directly from you. Examples include when you:
    1. Interact directly with us via telephone, email, post and/or in person;
    2. Submit inquiries and information via our website;
    3. Provide information as part of an inquiry about a pension mortgage facility from us;
    4. Obtain a pension mortgage facility from us and conduct transactions with us;
  • From third parties. Examples include collection from:
    1. the Pension Trust or Trustees;
    2. Other representatives, service providers, intermediaries or brokers acting on behalf of the Pension Beneficiary or Pension Trust or Trustees;
    3. Publicly available information. For example, from company registers (including the Companies Registration Office), press publications, online search engines and related results;
    4. Third parties who provide services to us;
    5. Introducers or common business associates who may pass on your details to us;
    6. Credit reference agencies (including the Irish Credit Bureau);
    7. Company and credit information databases, such as Vision-Net.ie, which provide credit information on businesses and individuals, including information on directors, shareholdings, judgments, bankruptcies and more; and
    8. Sanctions and politically exposed persons databases as part of our anti-money laundering practices.