Reflecting on Farm Safety week last week (19th-23rd July), our eyes have been well and truly opened. Not only to how easily accidents can occur but how they can be prevented. A Facebook page called AgriKids brought the initiative to our attention this year. Teaching children the basics such as hydration and sunscreen, safety around farm machinery, age-appropriate jobs, wearing hi-viz jackets and making contractors aware of children onsite are the first steps to raising awareness.

Some shocking stats such as up to 50% of workplace fatalities occur on a farm, with approximately 21 farmers losing their life each year.  This reality must be the wake up for investment not only in farm machinery but in farm safety. Alma Jordan, founder of AgriKids and who also works closely with Teagasc, the IFA and Agri Aware explained “Farmers are our farms greatest investment. Their only job is to come home at night. Safe, working farm machinery is essential.”

In an attempt to demystify some of the dangers that surround working farms – initiatives like Farm Safety week and Embrace FARM are crucial. Working with proper protective equipment, well maintained and functioning farm machinery and clear visibility makes 90% of accidents preventable.

Some key tips for ensuring your farm machinery is safe for use:

  • Check that the 3 point linkage is secure
  • Ensure PTO guards are in place
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing or jackets that could get caught
  • Keep tractor windows closed – any broken windows need to be fixed and closed – a recent accident resulting in a young farmer’s arm amputation was due to a tractor turning over in a ditch and a broken tractor window
  • The braking system of the tractor, including the handbrake, needs to be in perfect working condition.
  • For a clear view, clean windscreen, mirrors, rear window and side windows on the tractor before starting.
  • Keep clear of backing tractors with shear grabs or bale handlers.

The Capitalflow team work closely with many farmers across the country in upgrading their farm machinery – not only to support our customers to achieve higher safety standards, but also to sustainability and greener farming. Newer machines bring multiple sustainable aspects such as comfort, safety, efficiency and connectivity – newer technologies that can help farmers in their every day job and keep them safe.

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