Case Studies

Here are examples of some of the recent deals that Capitalflow has completed with businesses around Ireland:

Commercial Property

Commerical Property Finance Shopping Centre

Property Bridging Loan – Galway Region

12 month Bridging loan

Deal Value €6m

Loan €3.25m

Property investment transaction. Funding the purchase of a shopping centre for 12 months which will allow necessary capital expenditure and time to facilitate a long-term loan facility. The funding was put in place 12 days from issuing terms.

re House

Property Term Loan – Pre 63 Property Dublin Region

5 year, 25 year amoritisation

Deal Value €2.5m

Loan €1.3m

Property Investment Transation, funding a number of Pre 63 Dublin  property investments including some upgrade works. Borrowing was via an SPV with no personal guarantees required. The client is actively seeking further opportunities.

Commercial Property Dublin Car Showroom

Property Term Loan – Commercial Property Dublin  Region

Purpose  To part finance the acquisition of a shopping centre in the Dublin Area.

Facility  €4,500,000.

Term  5-year term, amortising over a 20-year repayment profile.

Structure  Ownership through an Isle of Man registered entity.

Key point  Credit approval within three working days of the RM being introduced to the client.

Commercial Property Residential Finance

Regional/ Urban Term Loan – Residential property – Dublin Region

5-year loan based on a 20-year amortising schedule

Deal Value €4.25m

Loan €3m

Property investment transaction. Our client purchased 57 apartments and 7 retail units in Limerick City. €3m term loan provided by Capitalflow and equity provided by way of an unsecured loan. At acquisition the property produced substantial rental income. LTV at drawdown was 67% based on a valuation of €4.5m.


Property Term Loan – Commercial Property Dublin  Region

20 Year Term Loan

Deal Value €4m

Loan Amount €3m

A trading company which  was in a position to buy back its property from an International fund. Capitalflow was delighted to offer a solution whereby we could fund the Trading company directly supported by the business’s underlying profitability. Loan was amortised over 20 years & aided by an Asset Finance line to enable equipment purchases.

Larger Trading Premises

Property Term Loan – Commercial Property Dublin  Region

Purpose  Customer was looking to purchase a larger trading premises

Facility  €450,000

Term  20-year repayment profile.

Key point  Capitalflow could a bespoke funding solution, including invoice finance and property finance to maxmise available funding amount.

Property - Development Site

Dublin Term Loan – Commercial property – South County Dublin

4 Year term loan with a capital moratorium.

Deal Value €4.1m

Loan €2.6m

Property Investment Transaction. Client contracted to purchase a commercial property from NAMA.  Original contracted funder was unable to fulfil obligations. Property is a commercial development in South Dublin.  We backed a very strong management team with a track record of successful investments. The balance funding was by unsecured subordinated loan.  Deal was completed in 10 working days.

Commercial Property Guiry

Property Term Loan – Waterford Region

36 month Term Loan

Deal Value €3.3m

Loan €2.5m

This deal enabled a property investor to purchase a number of contracted properties within a short time frame. Capitalflow provided a bespoke funding solution in a time frame that no other lender could provide.

Licensed Premises

Property Term Loan – Licensed Premises North East Region

Purpose To refinance a licensed premises from an Investment Fund.

Facility €500,000

Term 20 Year Repayment Profile

Structure Customer needed a 20 year profile & 75% LTV to secure required funds in order to refinance a loan from an investment fund.

Key point Unlike other providers, Capitalflow could provide the required 75% LTV in the required time frame.

Invoice Discounting

Invoice Discounting - Manufacturing

Confidential Invoice Discounting

€1.5m facility limit funding at 80% prepayment. 

Refinance of facility from one of the banks. Existing facility had restrictions in terms of debtor concentration limits – largest debtor makes up 40% of the ledger and previous provider would only fund this debtor to 20% which meant approx. €200k of cash funding was tied up in this facility reserve.  We were able to provide a facility that funded the debtor to 40% and thus no restrictions and released an additional €170k of cash flow for the business day one of the facility.


Invoice Discounting and Asset Based Lending – East Region

D Facility €600k
Cashflow Stocking Lend €200k
Property Refinance €400k

The Customer was in need of finance to fund business growth.  Capitalflow arranged a combination of finance products to allow the company to maximise the funding potential of the available assets, allowing the company to expand its business.

Property - Development Site

Confidential Invoice Discounting with Asset Based Lending

€600k ID facility funding at 85% prepayment

Deal also included refinancing of existing facility with 80% prepayment, thus releasing approx. €40k additional cash flow day one of the facility. €600k ABL secured against property owned by the company valued at €1m. €600k broken down to €400k term lend over 10 years and €200k revolving stocking line. Through our facilities the company were able to consolidate their banking facilities with one provider while at the same time providing the business with additional cash flow of over €200k when the facilities commenced.


Invoice Discounting and Asset Based Lending – South East Region

Invoice Discounting Facility Limit €1m 

The customers existing funders were restrictive due to high concentration of one debtor (60%) and were not willing to fund increased concentration.  Capitalflow stepped in and provided an Invoice Discounting facility to 80% concentration.

Invoice Discounting Case Study

Confidential Invoice Discounting

Loan €2.6m, €300k facility funding at 80%. 

Business had run up revenue arrears of €200k due to cash flow pressures following significant growth in turnover. €250k of funding provided from the facility day one which was utilised to pay €125k lump sum to revenue to allow remain arrears balance to be structured over the following 18 months in a repayment plan.  The remaining funding available from the facility will fund the projected growth of the business going forward.


Invoice Discounting and Asset Based Lending – Cork Region

ID Facility Limit €2m
Cashflow Stocking Lend €500k 

Bank was not willing to increase funding available to support the rapid growth of the business. Capitalflow was able to increase the funding potential secured against the company property and increase the ID limit on the Invoice Discounting facility to facilitate company growth.