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Dublin Chauffeur Services is a leading high end transportation business based in Dublin Airport. Founded in 2018, Guillaume Riviere has grown the business to a team of 6 professional and 32 self-employed drivers operating nationwide, with occasional work within Europe and the U.S.
Offering luxury transportation (airport transfers, luxury tours, weddings and corporate travel), through experienced drivers with a select luxurious fleet of vehicles, premium hospitality is the heart of the business.


In 2019, still the infancy of the business, growth and expansion was happening very organically. Dublin Chauffeur Services was looking to finance another premium vehicle to add to its fleet. The Covid pandemic of 2020 impacted Dublin Chauffeur Services like many businesses. With pre-existing loans and business at a stand still, uncertainty around the immediate future presented significant challenges on how to progress as a business. Despite this, Guillaume wanted to invest and be ready for a resurgence post-Covid. He found the engagement process with traditional lenders to be slow and an administrative headache, which delayed his ability to be ready to grow again.


The vision for Dublin Chauffeur Services was to grow their fleet alongside the business at a steady but manageable pace and to be ready for increased demand after the Pandemic. Capitalflow was delighted to support Guillaume at a time when faced with major uncertainty around Covid and related restrictions. Restructuring existing debt and extending the term overcome short term difficulties, while maintaining excellent lines of communication and supporting the business through helpful advice was key in providing solutions.

“The process was very seamless. We wanted to expand the business and Covid was a very difficult time, but Capitalflow made it very easy. David Clarke was so helpful and reassured us throughout. The difference between Capitalflow and the banks is that there was so much paperwork to full in with the bank before I could get someone to talk to me, whereas with Capitalflow the process was so much easier. 

Guillaume Riviere, CEO of Dublin Chauffeur Services


  • Loan Amount: €320,000
  • Total LTV Avg: 82%
  • Term Avg: 61 months per deal


  • Difficult period during Covid
  • How to exploit expansion ambition post Covid


  • Support through a global pandemic
  • Subsequent expansion of fleet and growing team