With World Wellbeing Week this week, 26th-30th June, we’re taking this opportunity to reflect on activities and events the Capitalflow team has attended or contributed to in recent months. In a bid to raise awareness around employee wellbeing ie. physical, mental and emotional health, we look back on some experiences that brought positivity to our relationships as well as on a personal level.

We have been really fortunate to participate in some amazing workshops that are designed to improve our mental health, both at work and at home. A broad range of topics covered included:

  • Building Natural Immunity
    This webinar explored several main aspects of immune function and natural ways to optimise the system to protect against the onset of illness. It examined the impact of lifestyle factors on natural immunity and gave a better understanding of how nutrition, sleep, exercise and stress management practices can help to maintain good health.
  • Surviving or Thriving
    This training explored a range of positive psychology skills and techniques to help promote wellbeing and decrease psychological distress, which can be particularly helpful during challenging times or when facing confrontational experiences.
  • Sleep and Recovery Wellbeing
    The importance of getting 7-9 hours of good quality sleep each night has been well-established as a flagstone of health and wellbeing. In contrast, the negative health factors of disrupted inconsistant sleep are also well documented. This webinar briefly explored why this is the case and teaches ways to optimise sleep hygiene and improve sleep quality.
  • Wellbeing and Tech Use in a Digital Era
    More and more of us are deciding to switch off Social Media notifications to avoid the endless scrolling that seems to go with it. This webinar explored how we can more meaningfully disconnect to prevent burnout and protect our wellbeing. It also outlined the ways we can optimise technology use to promote wellbeing and stay focused in the present moment.

As we do every year, and this one deserves a separate post, we partner with and sponsor a number of local sports clubs, charities and community groups that resonate with the team. We are fortunate and privileged to be able to provide assistance but its the “hands-on” days that hold a special place in the calendar.

Taking time out of busy work schedules for team events or to meet our customers and partners in a relaxed, enjoyable setting is what we’re about, its what we enjoy doing. A snip of some events that we have enjoyed as a team or helped raise awareness towards include:

Trip to bunq HQ, Amsterdam

Team Photo

Awards Nights

Ladies Lunch (International Women’s Day)

Foraging Walk

Off-Site Days

Coming together in various environments, celebrating different occasion, supports a positive workplace where everyone’s wellbeing is a priority!