Customer Information Notice - Consolidation of Capitalflow Entities

Yes all active Hire Purchase, Leasing and Property agreements, not already held in Capitalflow Group DAC, will transfer over.

For your records, our new Capitalflow Group DAC VAT number is 3425543OH and our new company CRO registered no is 574943.

No action required on your part! Just be aware that the company name on your next direct debit may display as Capitalflow Group DAC.

Our team are happy to chat anytime – you can email us on, or call 01-5632400

On August 16th, Capitalflow is merging its Capitalflow entities into one, Capitalflow Group DAC.

We are merging our entities into one, Capitalflow Group DAC, to simplify our corporate structure following the enactment of the Consumer Protection (Regulation of Retail Credit and Credit Servicing Firms) Act 2022. The Act amends the scope of the Credit Bank Act 1997, to now include certain hire purchase, leasing and property products.

Rest assured this has no impact on our services, and there is no action needed on your part.