Ukraine Credit Guarantee Scheme

Capitalflow provides facilities from €10,000 up to €1 million under the scheme.

There is a two-step process to make a finance application under the Ukraine Credit Guarantee Scheme (UCGS):

STEP 1 –You will need an eligibility confirmation from the SBCI – you can get this by registering on the SBCI hub and completing the online Eligibility Application Form. Once completed, eligible applicants will get an eligibility code and letter which Capitalflow will need a copy of.  Please note, the SBCI eligibility code is not a guarantee of loan approval.

STEP 2 –  Simply get a UCGS Quote and apply on or speak to one of our team +353 (1) 563 2400





The SBCI eligibility code is valid for six months from the date of issue, but it is always subject to the scheme remaining open and having funding available.

The SBCI eligibility code you get for your first finance application can be used more than once up to 6 months.

For subsequent finance applications, you must complete a new eligibility application form and get a new SBCI eligibility code.


Facilities can be for terms of up to six years in duration.

Capitalflow provides Asset Finance under the Ukraine Credit Guarantee Scheme in the form of Hire Purchase or Leasing facilities.

No. This scheme does not allow for the refinancing of existing facilities.

No. The Ukraine Credit Guarantee Scheme does not allow for the purchase of agri land.

Hire Purchase and Lease agreements secured against the asset being financed.  Facilities greater than €250,000 may require additional security.

The risk premium rate is paid by the borrower and added to your payment schedule from Capitalflow. The amount depends on the size of the business and the length of time for which the credit is being advanced, as per the tables below:


Terms of Loan




1-3 years 0.29
4-6 years 0.68



Small Mid-Caps

Terms of Loan




1-3 years 0.73
4-6 years 1.55


This risk premium represents the cost to the Government in providing the 80% guarantee scheme to Capitalflow.

Approval depends on the finance amount involved and if we have all the information needed to process an application. Once you have your eligibility code, just log onto our website and get your instant quote.


Yes you can – provided that the total finance amount does not exceed the maximum amount available to you under the Scheme.

The provision of funding for the Ukraine Credit Guarantee Scheme is initially being made under the EU Commission Temporary Crisis Framework and may in certain circumstances be made available under separate State aid rules.


Where you have received State aid, you will have received a letter from the State body that provided it. Examples of State aid granting bodies include Enterprise Ireland, Bord Bia or the Local Enterprise Office.

It stands for the “Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community”. It is the standard system used in the European Union for classifying business activity. NACE codes are divided into sectors such as retail, manufacturing, services etc.

The list of NACE Codes eligible for the Ukraine Credit Guarantee Scheme is available on the SBCI website.


It means that the applicant operates their business and has registered business address in Ireland.

A primary producer is a person engaged in the production, rearing or growing of primary products including harvesting, milking and farmed animal production. It also includes fishing and the harvesting of wild products.

Yes there is – you can borrow up to €1m cumulatively under the scheme.

But this limit is subject to a cap which is the greater of

15% of the borrower’s average total annual turnover over the last three closed accounting periods;


50% of the borrower’s energy costs over the 12 months preceding the month when the application for aid is submitted.


The Ukraine Credit Guarantee scheme is designed for SME’s and Mid Cap businesses, including primary producers (businesses engaged in farming and fishing), registered and operating in Ireland.

Not all sectors are eligible to participate in the scheme

A full list of sectors which are eligible and ineligible for the scheme is available on the SBCI website.

Road freight transport vehicles are not financed under the Ukraine Credit Guarantee Scheme.